19 set 2012

UPL015 – Mizuh – Endless Dream

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Mizuh – Endless Dream

Uplifting Music brings again another new talent from Brazil. Mizuh first single EP, Endless Dream will for sure make some noise.

Morttagua Remix  of Endless Dream is the cream of the crop in this bundle and the favorite track of Uplifting Music staff so far in this year of 2012.

With powerful baseline, new arranged melodies, clean and clear mixing, this mix brings MICHAEL CASSETE feelings to the original.  The final breakdown and final drop will surly bring a perfect ending for this melodic journey, perfect for any style of Progressive House set, from Warm Up, to climax sets, this track will bring out emotions from the crowd always.

Octavio Cordioli Remix brings a more straight forward mix, with less emotions but perfect for more underground Progressive  dance floors, specially open air rave sets .

The Original Mix is the more simplistic mix of them all, with more focus on the main riff melody and some tribal house percussions and beats behind it. No less, we can’t forget it was the original that made possible for the great remixes in this bundle.

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Support from: Alje, André Luiz, Andrea Mazza , Anston Sheridan, Benjamin Florentino, Busho, Danilo Ercole, dB9 Project, Denis La Funk, Dj Andy Richmond, Dj Danny Oh, DJ LRCN, Dj Robert TG, Electrik Shandi, Eric Morillo (Subliminal Records), Eyal Offman, Georg Bissen, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Global Dj Broadcast.com, Global Sound System, Headdock TRANCE, Jaycen Amour, Karybde and Scylla, Kohsuke “Galaxy Records, Louk 909, Marc (Fresh Djs), Markus Schulz, Mart T., Mizuh, Octavio Cordioli, Progressive House World Wide (Blog), Rafael Osmo, Rank 1, Shingo Nakamura, Somthing Global FM, Susy Solar, 7th District – Lorenzo al Dino 7th District I, Jimmy Z – LiveDirect/Nova, Phil Turnipseed, Aoogly, Benny Benassi, Coco Ariaz, D- Mark, Elektro Pusher, Flash Brothers, Flat and Funk, Going Qauntum, Jack Grooves, Monolythe (Big Alliance), Paul Nova, Anhken, Dj Antixx, Dj Lazarus, Dj Leon Ray, Dj Ron, Herbie James, Inge Bergmann, Italian Gay Radio Network, Marek Filipski, mark Arbor, Micro (Traxx FM), Ozzy XpM, P wax, Ploon Deet, Prorec, Ron (Pc Music), Ronald Defoe, Solarstone, Urich Van Bell, Vaselin Tasev, Answer42, Arion Grey, Arthur Dunkan, Athan, B-Max (incepto Music), Cast Away, Dinka, George Mosoh, Gogzy, Kay-D, Lea D, Losing Rays, Monochronic (Stoyan Dafov), N-tchbl, Stefan Addo, Teana & Tiida, VG vs Dave Sullivan


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