01 set 2012

UPL014 – Marty Tess – Enigmatic Dreams

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Marty Tess  AKA Matheus Teston is new music producer from the South region of Brazil. Marty Tess has studied music since 11 years old going from classic string guitar to Electric Guitar.

In His debut solo EP Marty Tess brings  3 chilled progressive House tracks perfect for warm up sets, closing sets or simply for podcast and radio sets, since all the melody in the tracks are really enjoyable for any listeners.

The tracks Floating and Little Things, brings two 128bpm Progressive House very similar to Dinka Style, with lots of melodies, plucks, strings and harmony.

The track “Remember” brings a nice Deep Melodic House, with very chilled ambience, beautiful piano melodies and a perfect groove for lounge sets.

Support from:  Alje, Andrea Mazza , Andrew Lagzdin, Anolia Beats FM, Art Inc., Busho, Clube Ducate (Spin 1038), CUTI, Dance DP.com, Danilo Ercole, dB9 Project, Denis La Funk, Dj Conker, Dj Robert TG, Father Braham, GFX, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Global Dj Broadcast.com, Headdock TRANCE, John Gibbons, Kohsuke “Galaxy Records, Marc (Fresh Djs), Markus Schulz, Mart T., Morttagua, Progressive House World Wide (Blog), Rafael Osmo, Rasmorus, Shingo Nakamura, Somthing Global FM, Zubin Ali (Phethous Records), Aldrin – Zouk Club  , Greg Churchill, Jimmy Z – LiveDirect/Nova, Phil Turnipseed, Tony Humphries, D- Mark, Dj City , Flash Brothers, Paul Nova, Dj Danthony, Dj Lazarus, Dj Leon Ray, Dreamension (After Hours FM), Gai Barone, Herbie James, Kenanteke, Marek Filipski, mark Arbor, Micro (Traxx FM), Ploon Deet, Prorec, Robert Vadney, Ron (Pc Music), Ronald Defoe, Simon Bostock, Skehan, Steve Anderson, Vaselin Tasev, Athan, Cast Away, Dan Southward, Dinka, George Mosoh, Gogzy, Losing Rays, Michael & Levan, Michael Conway, Monochronic (Stoyan Dafov), Stefan Addo, Teana & Tiida



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