04 maio 2012

UPL012 – Janeiro Tones – Yaya

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COMING SOON 09.06.2012!

Janeiro Tones – Yaya

Yaya was a small bed & breakfast style hotel located in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Morttagua & Carlo D’Argi  used to work there together, where they became great friends and created the duo music project “Janeiro Tones”.

Yaya was a place full of energy and good vibes from tourist all around the world. A small place where they met many people, made great friends from many places in the globe, where they firmed their friendship forever.

In the harmonic atmosphere provided by the Yaya Hotel, D’Argi and Morttagua used to create beautiful melodies in their spare time at work, where they would bring their music keyboard to play & record melodies. One of the very first melodies recorded by Carlo D’Argi in the Hotel was then later named Yaya, to express his love for the magical place that Yaya Hotel was.

“Janeiro Tones – Yaya” was then produced by both, as one of the first tracks of the duo together and later released for sales.

Now after 3 years  afterthe original melody was composed, Morttagua & Carlo D’Argi teamed together again to revamp this production.  The Remix was build carefully so that people can hear the melodic aspect of it at home or at a club without affecting the dancing part and the emotion part of the track. The main riff of Yaya will surely hit your soul into euphoria!

This package also includes a DUB mix (Without guitar strings) so that Djs alike can perform the track with live Guitar performances.

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