04 maio 2012

UPL011 – Morttagua – Night Eagle

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Morttagua – Night Eagle

The new progressive talent Morttagua brings one more extraordinary melodic release to Uplifting Music. Night Eagle is an EP composed of 4 beautiful mixes that take you to a progressive voyage, each on its own “flying speed and feeling”.

The Original Mix, mixes dance floor house drums with an Hypnotic respective melody, which was inspired by the sounds of the Eagles flying. With an epic Breakdown and a explosive comeback, this track has its own identity, not sounding just like another copied track.

In the Deep Progressive Mix, Morttagua brings his melodic insight to the track, adding lots of new chord progressions to the track, and a beautiful break, with a  melody solo that will intensify our emotions.

Peter-A Remix brings a powerful Baseline that will keep coming strong together  with new atmospheres and synths, perfect for the deepest moments of introspections.

And Janeiro Tones Remix closes this beautiful EP with a Progressive Trance Remix , perfect for the trance aficionados!

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