04 maio 2012

UPL009 – Ducato & Merive – Berserk

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Ducato & Merive – Berserk

Berserk is the second  release of Uplifting Music exclusive producer duo, Ducato & Merive.

Ducato & Merive bring in “Berserk” 3 stunning mixes to rock all types of dance floors.

The original Mix brings the beautiful atmosphere of delayed leads and pluks with a House groove, mixing Progressive and House in its purest form.

Morttagua Remix brings to the dance floors the bright atmosphere of the original with an extra added baseline power and groove. Morttagua also enhances the original track by adding extra chord progressions and pads, making the overall feel of the track to be more Uplifting and euphoric.

The  Brittish Jay Saunders brings the last remix of the “Berserk” series.  Sounders remix is a mix of Progressive House with Tech House elements, being the perfect mix for Tech House Djs. The groove of this mix should be able to work beautifully with either warm up sets or in a climax headliner dj set.

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