04 maio 2012

UPL006 – Janeiro Tones – Surrealism

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Janeiro Tones – Surrealism

“Surrealism” is a beautiful melodic work from the Progressive duo that never got released by any record label to the fans, only been played by the duo on festivals.

Now “Surrealism” is finally released in 2 brilliant remixes from the new hot Progressive House talent MORTTAGUA.

Morttagua brings “Surrealism” to another level with the first remix of this EP. With beautiful leads, arpegiated synths and powerful grooved base line, this remix just touches anyone’s soul with its surreal melodic patterns and dance floor feelings.

The second remix of this EP is called “Festival Remix” is just a slightly modified version of the first remix. First, the baseline is different from the first remix through the entire track, with a trancy feeling, to make it more suited for open air festivals. Second, after the breakdown, a more powerful climax comes, perfect for epic moments of euphoria in raves!

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