04 maio 2012

UPL003 – Morttagua – Chikara EP

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Morttagua – Chikara EP

Chikara EP is the first  single EP  released by Brazilian upcoming Progressive House talent “Morttagua”.

The EP contain 2 single tracks that are going to make into the sets of any melodic Progressive House enthusiast  Djs around the World.

First track “Chikara” which means “Strength” is a powerful Progressive track with tribal house grooves, thick baseline and a repeated melodic patterns that never stops building up. Then a breakdown comes and together a beautiful chord progression builds up to make anyone feel euphoric and emotional to finally bring back the powerful beat!

Second track of the EP “Autism World” has a powerful baseline, rich melodic arpeggios, bright leads and plucks and introspective breakdowns. The track fits perfect either for a warm up set or a climax set, bringing peoples mind into their own “Autism World”

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